Nell Race - Painter



To Begin

There are many ways to begin!

Here is just one way...

You may start by making a loose structure out of ideas and some physical marks on a surface, both of which are sympathetic to each other. Quickly or slowly, elements of this structure can be dismissed, or kept and developed.

The medium you choose to express an idea and the tools used to manipulate the medium have their limitations but, through experimenting with their possibilities, will often feed you with fresh ideas.

Building up layers of a medium, sanding, scraping or rubbing those layers; adding new layers; using a wide range of tools; using a solvent or not; keeping an open mind... all contribute to keeping an image flexible until a certain point when one element shines out.

The characteristics of that element can be interpreted and developed. Its intrinsic values can be used a lot or a little - celebrated, compared, juxtaposed - and lead to different conclusions.

The apparent or latent references and suggestions can be re-interpreted by each and every viewer.


"A line may dance, or it may walk, and you may walk or slide or teeter with it"
Douglas and Elizabeth MacAgy, ‘Going for a Walk with a Line’, 1959.